TFL logo MyLondon is a free media training and mentoring programme run by Media Trust in partnership with Trust for London.

The programme is for community leaders from London’s migrant and diaspora communities* who want to amplify their voices and change the perception or representation of their community in the media. 

Support includes:

Media interview training

Advice and training on how to make your own film and content

The opportunity to have a two minute film made about your community 

The opportunity to be mentored by a media expert or journalist

If you have any questions regarding the programme please contact Safia Abdullah on 0207 871 5674 or email


Tweet us at @Media_Trust #MyLondon.

Applications are now closed.

*Individuals born in any country outside the UK that have lived in London for over a year, as well as the descendants of migrants who have strong cultural or material links to thier family's country of origin.