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The Vegetarian Society is an educational charity working to support, represent and increase the number of vegetarians in the UK. Established in 1847 it is the oldest vegetarian organisation in the world.

What we did: 
Their Chief Executive, Lynne Elliot attended the Media Trust's media interview training, run in partnership with PR agency, Porter Novelli. Taking place at Porter Novelli's radio and TV studios, we provided expert coaching to ensure the participating charities can communicate their message clearly and effectively once under the media spotlight. 

Following the training, Lynne went on to win our Charity Voice 2013 competition. We recently caught up with her to find out just how useful her training with us had been. Here's what she had to say:

'I have had an opportunity to put my media training into practice and what a good job I had been so well trained. The first lab produced meat was launched on Monday and lots of people wanted to talk to the Vegetarian Society about it.'

'I started off the day with a booking for a few local radio stations and ended up doing 17 local radio interviews, one national - Radio 5 Live Drive and two live TV interviews with Sky and BBC. It was all very fast and intense, so I had not known how to conduct myself and what to watch out for, I could have found myself in trouble. As it was, I managed to stay calm. I had my key messages ready and I had anticipated difficult questions and I found myself enjoying the opportunity to get our members views across to a wider audience.'

'There were several moments during what turned out to be a long day when I was truly grateful to the Media Trust training so I just wanted to say thank you very much!' 

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