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As the leading global organisation for migration, IOM works with migrants, governments and its partners in the international community to provide humane responses to the growing migration challenges of today.

The challenges: 
With the current situation in the Mediterranean, IOM are looking to use social media as a platform to talk about who they are and what their role is. The language they used before involved long terminology and IOM jargon, thanks to the Media Trust training it's now stripped back, with a clear and simple message. 

Chiara Gnoli, programme specialist at the International Organisation for Migration  knew about the Media Trust from her previous organisation. She knew we offer tailored training packages and felt we could be a very good fit. To respond to their immediate need we agreed on training on reputation management and communicating impact. We arranged for two trainers to work with 13 IOM's employees on the impact of communications by developing a series of case studies.

'Project documents can be boring and difficult to digest. We're an operational organisation and are interested in how to capture information on migrants and communicating on different platforms. But we were not clear in terms of communicating how we sit within the sector in the UK. So the question was how to improve our image?' says Chiara.

'It was very useful to go in depth in case studies following examples given by the trainers. We're trying to maintain that on migrant voices. We want our audience to engage with our content, not just provide a link to a report. So we started doing a weekly tweet around a theme. We had five key recommendations, five key findings and so on, drawing the audience in, and giving them content direction. The social media training through the Media Trust really helped with this.'

Looking to the future and what else they might do, Chiara says 'We get requests for media interviews. We have a small team for in-house communications. So we would be happy to go again to Media Trust for additional help on interviews. The Media Trust is very knowledgeable in various aspects in communications for charities, and tailoring it to the specific need of the charity.'

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