The Welbodi Partnership

The Welbodi Partnership is an international development charity improving children's healthcare in Sierra Leone. Through their work children in Sierra Leone are living healthy and fulfillng lives with complete and fair access to professional healthcare.   

What we did: 
They approached Media Trust to ask for help in putting together a brochure / leaflet, which was to be the charity's first ever five-year review. Through our successful Speedmaching service, they were matched with Amanda Larkin, a scholar on the Marketing Academy programme, whose guidance and practical advice helped them to put it together in a professional manner. Also, it helped the charity to gain a lot of awareness over the past years by using it to showcase their work and impact on the local communities.    

Sebastian Wilson, UK Director of Operations at Welbodi Partnership stated that;

'It worked perfectly! We put together the content. We created the framework - a kind of idea of what we wanted it to look like. And then Amanda took that, tidied it up, made it look great, and helped us with the printing. [Amanda] was keen to help above and beyond the one-day commitment discussed. She [gave] advice and mentorship to a communications intern, she worked with us very closely and was always available.'   

The leaflet can be viewed on Welbodi's website.

'We send it our to everyone - all our current supporters and people who worked for us in the past to show the work they've been part of, or their funds that helped us do. And then it was used the following year at various fundraising events to give people an idea of what we did.' continued Sebastian.

He is very clear about what Welbodi achieved through working with Media Trust:

'We're building on what we did before with Media Trust and using that. I think that as an organisation we've become a lot clearer in [knowing / understanding] what it is that we want and need to do, and also where our weaknesses are. And that's going to help make future support Media Trust gives us much more effective.'  

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