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In 2008, the Book Bus began delivering books to scholls in Zambia and working with children to inspire them to read. Five years later and the Book Bus is now available in other countries like Malawi and Ecuador, where over 10,000 children have easy access to books. The scheme was set up by Tom Maschler, an experienced British publisher and writer.

The challenge: 
In sub-Saharan Africa, 1 in 4 children does not attend school. Of those who attend, 1 in 3 will drop out before completing primary school. One of the children whose life improved due to the Book Bus was Rafiki, a 14-year-old boy from Malawi. In order to replicate his story all over the world, the Book Bus needed to raise its profile and communicate its impact to the world. 

What we did: 
Media Trust provided the Book Bus with PR trainings in order to develop a comprehensive PR and communications plan. The training enabled them to effectively engage their international staff and volunteers and gave them a clear communication platform across countries. Due to our matching services, the Book Bus had the opportunity to find a volunteer media professional - Claire Stafford, Owner of the communications agency Lifetime Communications Ltd. who soon became their long-term Volunteer Communications Consultant.

With her time, dedication and expertise, Claire implemented a new communications strategy, raising awareness of the project across schools and teachers in Africa. As a result of her on-going support and passion for the project, one of Claire's clients became a regular donor. The future of the project looks now much brighter as they look to expand into more countries and continents. Thanks to Media Trust, they have now increased opportunities to change lives of more young people like Rafiki.

David Gorman, Chairman of the Book Bus stated that 'Claire has definitely transformed our communications...[Her] insights have improved every aspect of the charity's internal and external communications services and we were so lucky to have found her!'

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