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Maternity Worldwide aim to keep their UK staffing to a minimum, so that they can employ more local staff in their projects abroad. However this means that they have an extremely limited marketing budget, and they have not been able to afford the tools or expertise to promote their annual Muffins for Midwives campaign to the right audiences. 

Maternity Worldwide were one of 24 charities that were invited to attend Women’s Voices, our celebration of International Women’s Day at Starcom. We matched them to a team of female experts from across the media industry including: Ashley Grantham from Yahoo, Francesca Caicedo from Zenith and Arlinda Mezini from Bloomberg

Maternity Worldwide

Natalie Hayden, Fundraising Support Officer at Maternity Worldwide said:"The volunteers that we were paired with on the day came to the event with some really great new ideas for us, transferrable ideas from what had worked for them previously and were really understanding to how our charity worked/what resources we had available to us. It was a really friendly discussion and brainstorming session with ideas bouncing off both us and the volunteers.”

The team developed lots of ideas about how to grow the Muffins for Midwives annual campaign through social media and how to engage the charity’s current supporters further. 

Ashley Grantham was one of the experts that worked with Maternity Worldwide and she said about the event, “To me, the Women's Voices event felt like a safe space where women could interact and comfortably use their professional skills for a good cause. I really enjoyed the networking beforehand - getting to know other women in my industry - as it was very easy to walk up and talk to random people. 

Once in our groups, the two other women were a pleasure to work with as they were both very engaged and eager to brainstorm new ideas. The two women from Maternity Worldwide were also a joy to get to know and so inspirational as they work in such a small team to get a powerful message across. Brainstorming ways to help their Muffins For Midwives campaign was so much fun, that I'm now contemplating hosting my own Muffins For Midwives event at Yahoo this May.”

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