Big Lottery Fund

The Big Lottery Fund (the Fund) is responsible for distributing 40 per cent of all National Lottery funds raised for good causes throughout the UK - worth around £750m a year. The Fund also distributes non-Lottery money on behalf of public bodies.

The Big Lottery Fund works with young people from across the country. In 2012, they wanted to prepare young people to launch the national Talent Match campaign talking about the Fund's youth unemployment initiative across the UK.

Action: Media Training
Media Trust provided media training for eight young people to help them learn to be articulate ambassadors for Talent Match. The young people gained practical experience in TV, radio and press interview techniques. They received one-to-one feedback, coaching and group training in an intensive and hands on workshop, aimed at developing confidence and the ability to deliver key messages in order to make the most of media opportunities.

Talent Match received a lot of coverage in print as well as radio and TV broadcasts. As a result of the training, the participants felt prepared and confident enough to give successful interviews with media outlets including The Financial Times Magazine, The Times (Thunderer Section), Liverpool Echo and a number of BBC regional radio stations.

Media Trust gave our young people a valuable introduction to how the media works and the techniques to practice. We definitely wouldn’t have got all those opportunities had we not had [our young spokespeople] available and familiar with the interview process - as all the outlets wanted the voice of young people.” - Big Lottery Fund Press Manager