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'Survivors UK Trust' Campaign Film from Media Trust on Vimeo.

Survivors UK is a charity that offers support to men who have been victims to of sexual violence and raises awareness of their needs.

The challenge was to produce seven mini episodes series in order to help male abuse victims identify the various emotions they may be experiencing and to encourage them to seek support from the charity.

The goal of the films was to challenge perceptions about the issue and encourage men to come forward for support. The films convey the message that men affected by sexual violence do not have to feel alone in their experiences. Survivors UK's goal was to change the public attitudes that act as barriers for them reaching out for help.

Throughout the process, from developing the initial brief to final delivery, the team worked with a real passion to get the final product the best possible outcome. Everyone took on board the challenges faced in tone, visual style and language to make these films impactful and thought-provoking without being alienating or frightening to male survivors.  

Michael May, Business Development Director, Survivors UK stated that "I am incredibly proud of the final films and the effect they are having in stimulating discussion and encouraging more raped and sexually abused men to feel recognised and to ask for help. On social media, followers and friends are sharing the films and asking us for more information. As a charity working with male survivors, it was incredibly important to find a partner who could take on the complexity of reaching out to and stimulating this very traumatised marginalised group. And I'm delighted to say that Media Trust more than rose to the challenge."

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