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'Zombie Overpopulation' Film from Media Trust on YouTube.

Population Matters is Britain's leading population and sustainability charity. It tracks how population's growth is a major contributor to environmental degradation, resource depletion and other problems with direct impact on our future. Founded in 2001, its mission is to increase public awareness about the issues and promote smaller and thus more sustainable families.

To produce a film on overpopulation for Halloween 2015, based on the charity's research and incorporate key statistics and references to global population dynamics, biodiversity concerns, climate change, water and energy and housing constrains.

We made a short three-minute film, aimed primarly at teenagers, directed in a humorous faux documentary style and starring noted actor, Anthony Head, as the voiceover. 

Population Matters's Chief Executive, Simon Ross, said: "Zombies are a perfect metaphor for humanity's blind growth in numbers and heedless exploitation of resources. The film is set in London, but references global population growth and could be set anywhere. It is our first foray into filmmaking for young people, who are a key audience for our message of the benefits of small families and we hope it will be well received. We appreciated Media Trust's professional approach, commitment to quality and openness to client input. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them". 

The director, Thomas Paul Martin of the Media Trust stated: "The brief for this project was simple - make a film which delivers the charity's core message that all environmental problems become harder - and ultimately impossible - to solve with even more people. This allowed a wide scope for creativity, which in turn allowed me to come up with something conceptual and above all FUN: a world overpopulated with zombies!"

"The greatest challenge was creating an aestethic of a commercial horror film, but thanks to the excellent work of the cast and crew, we were able to pull this off. This was the most ambitious shoot I've ever done with Media Trust, but the result is a smart film that thinks outside the box!" 

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