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'The Foyer Federation TrustYouth' Film from Media Trust on Vimeo.

The Foyer Federation is a not-for-profit organisation that helps to transform the circumstances of young people who have faced barriers in their lives. Since 1992, they have worked with young people to create new approaches developing new skills and resources they need to thrive.

A key part of the New Youth Offer is about leading a proactive campaign amongst like-minded organisations and individuals to present a different vision of young people's potential and counter the perception that some young people aren't worth positive investment.

They commissioned us to make two short films that showcase their new vision for Advantage Thinking. The challenge was to highlight this positive perception of young people's role in society as an alternative to common stereotypes. We attempted to overcome this challenge by incorporating a reveal into the narrative.  

Colin Falconer, Director of Innovation at The Foyer Federation stated that 'We found the process to be much more creative and open than previous experiences of working on films. We were given a range of scripts to choose from and were able to feel part of the process by which those early scripts turned into a final film. The final film met our initial aims to offer something that could work as an icebreaker to draw different people into a conversation on creating a new movement to 'trust youth'. It looked far more professional than other work we have funded previously.'

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