Fair Share Trust

Fair Share Trust managed a 10-year funding programme to support and empower communities across the UK to make change at a grassroots level.

The challenge:
As the funding programme drew to a close Fair Share Trust wanted innovative ways of broadening the traditional end-of-programme evaluation to create a long lasting record of the impact and difference this funding had made. A website was also required where communities could upload highlights of the work undertaken during the 10 year life of the fund.

What we did:
Media Trust worked with Fair Share Trust to devise a training programme that followed a participatory model, allowing organisations, volunteers and beneficiaries to be an integral part of gathering information for the evaluation. Community members received video equipment and training, learning how to use media to capture stories of the impact the funding had made. We worked collaboratively with the communities to help them structure their stories, understand storytelling and interview techniques, and to facilitate the editing process to allow control to remain in the hands of the communities.

Communities in 23 Fair Share Trust areas participated, creating videos that are a powerful record of the success and impact of the Fair Share programme. Media Trust built a site that enabled communities to upload documents, photos and video that can be searched by impact outcome.

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