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Spartans needed for wildlife sprint

Monday 15th April 2013

Runners are needed for a tough challenge which will see them jumping over fires, crawling under barbed wire and wading through mud and water.
Sixty volunteers are needed by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) to compete in the Midlands Spartan Sprint and raise money to fund the charity's scientific research.
It follows on from last year when volunteers took on the Spartan Challenge in Staffordshire. This year's event takes place on September 22. 
Other obstacles on the course include crawling over ice and rope-climbing over high walls.
The GWCT's national events organiser Mel Dellow took part in the 2012 race as part of the Suffolk county team.
She said: "Two kilometres into the run and trying to scale the fourth muddy climbing wall, I was concerned I might die. After half a mile of wading neck deep in a river, carrying 10kg bags of sand, jumping fire pits and crawling through mud, I rather hoped I would."
The GWCT's work has put it at the forefront of conservation in the UK. Recent high-profile projects have included investigations into salmon population decline, tracking the movements of the elusive woodcock by satellite tagging, and teaming up with French scientists in order to identify the best ways to protect vulnerable natural resources across Europe.
For more information or to volunteer as a Spartan call Mel on 0207 290 0110 or email

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