Video editing

Mar 14
Centre House
56 Wood Lane, Shepherds Bush
W12 7SB

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10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Make more of your footage with a one-day masterclass in editing films cheaply and easily. Once you’ve got the basics of making videos on a shoestring, develop your editing skills to tell powerful stories.

Bring your footage and our expert filmmaker trainer will work with you as part of a small group to refresh the principles of storytelling through film, giving tips, tricks and pointers to make you more efficient, ambitious and slick in cutting your film.

Ideal for you if: You can gather footage already and want to edit quickly and professionally using free and cheap software.

Back at work, you’ll:

  • Look for great moments in minutes of footage
  • Cut together great stories using a range of shots, sound and effects
  • Edit films quickly, cheaply and effectively to tell your stories well

VAT will be charged at 20%You can book online now with a card or by invoice (see 'other payment options' at the bottom of the next page), or call us on 020 7871 5653

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