Storytelling: using stories to inspire

Dec 4
Centre House
56 Wood Lane
W12 7SB

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10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Stories are a vital currency of human communication. Spotting the stories in our work and being able to communicate them with passion and purpose is all the more important when the stories you need to tell can make such a change in people’s lives. This day is all about working with and creating inspiring stories. The training will help you to better spot the great stories in your own work, and work them into compelling narratives.

This is a fun, practice-oriented day, which will also fill in the background of what makes great storytelling. You will leave with knowledge of its essential principles, how to spot the stories that can ignite your work, and a few good yarns to inspire yourself and those you work with and for.

You will learn:

  • What makes a great story
  • How to draw on your own inspiration to construct powerful narrative
  • The key ingredients of your organisation
  • How to discover the emotional keys to your audience’s attention

The day is an immersion in story that hones our intuition and ability to work with them. Since storytelling is an essential part of human nature, we rely on the tools and talents we already have to turn ourselves into brilliant storytellers. Simon Hodges has now conducted this process with around 1200 professionals and entrepreneurs in an all sectors and knows how to get the best story out of everybody.

This is no day of dry theory – all principles that are shared will be instantly applied. It is mostly about condensing the inspiration and enthusiasm you already have for your work, and using that to become a more effective communicator. We’ll also look at how stories like to be treated and handled when working with stories that are not your own. Doing so in a group of committed and inspired co-participants makes these days energetic, rewarding and intensely skill and knowledge building.

Level: Open to everyone, regardless of experience and ability

Audience: Anyone who works with and wants to better understand stories: PR and comms teams, fundraisers


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