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Media Matching

If you're looking for free expertise to help your organisation communicate more effectively, you can use our online Media Matching service to place a request for the services of a media or communications volunteer.

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With hundreds of media professionals signed up as advisers, you can get valuable advice and support on a wide range of media and communications services including PR, marketing, film, social media, branding and design.



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All of our volunteers have different skills, experience and availability; so you need to be clear in your request about the support that you're looking for.


Here are a few tips to help you write a good request and maximise your chances of getting a match:

  • Be clear about the support that you're looking for, and keep your request focused. The volunteers need to know what's expected of them. If you're looking for support in more than one area, place a separate request for each.
  • Give an idea of timescale for your project - do you need help immediately, or are you planning ahead? Do you have the capacity to work with a volunteer and put their ideas into action?
  • We're here to help you get volunteers, so do call us if you're not sure about what to write. We can also amend requests, so contact us if any details change or you're not entirely happy with what you've submitted: 020 7871 5658

It only takes a few minutes to place a request - first sign up for a Media Trust web account before registering your request.

What happens next?

Our registered volunteers can search and view all requests. If a volunteer is interested they will select your requests and send you a message via the site (which you'll receive in an email - so make sure you check your junk mail file regularly just in case).

You will both receive a confirmation email with each other's email addresses. Then it is your responsibility to make contact with the adviser as soon as possible to discuss taking the relationship forward.

Please note that your request will stay live online for 3 months or until it is matched.

The team will be in touch with you after your match to see how things are going, however, feel free to contact us at any point with concerns or feedback.