Shadowlight Artists


Shadowlight ArtistsShadowlight Artists are an independent group of eight talented multimedia artists with learning disabilities based in Oxfordshire, who've been using digital media to create a radical body of contemporary video artwork. The group are being supported by OFVM Film Oxford, a registered charity, to develop their skills as part of the Flash Frame project.

Working towards a final show of their very personal, moving and at times challenging art, which will include a Q&A session, Shadowlight Artists hope to be an inspiration to others with learning disabilities to embrace their creativity. Already they've held a day-long event for some 70 people with learning disabilities and their supporters, exploring how artists with a learning disability can be taken more seriously by the art establishment.

Richard Duriez, Course and Finance Manager at OFVM Film Oxford, says: 'The feedback we have had so far from the learning disabled community to the work by the artists is both surprise and delight. Individuals who attended the first public screening of the work were blown away by the quality of the work and the talent of the individuals. Many asked if they could also get training in creating digital work and using it to give them a voice.'

Take a look at the diverse and exciting work of the Shadowlight Artists at and watch their films on YouTube