Next events:

6th June 2017 - Speedmatching Event with VOSCUR Bristol. (This event is now full for charities.) 

21st June 2017 - Speedmatching Event with Primesight London. Sign up here 

21st June 2017 - Speedmatching Event with Primesight Glasgow. Sign up here

21st June 2017 - Speedmatching Event with Primesight Manchester. Sign up here

As part of our Media Matching service, Speedmatching provides a fun way for charities, voluntary organisations and volunteers to find their 'perfect match'.

What is Speedmatching?

Speedmatching events are free networking opportunities where representatives from not-for-profit organisations get to meet face-to-face with media professionals looking to volunteer their time. It works in a similar way to speed dating. Ten voluntary organisations each get five minute slots to talk with ten different media volunteers.

Organisations discuss what kind of support they're looking for, while volunteers try to give on the spot help and advice, as well as looking for longer term volunteering opportunities. If a volunteer and voluntary organisation would like to go on to work together, they indicate their interest on a match card and the Media Matching team put them in touch after the event.

To make the evening more relaxed and enjoyable, we provide wine, nibbles and a friendly environment. Events are generally held in the evenings at a range of exciting venues such as the BBC, MTV and the Guardian.

How to sign up:


Click on the link on the date of the event you wish to attend.

For more information email alicem@mediatrust.org or call 020 7871 5604