Volunteer Services

This section is for community groups or charities seeking volunteer support. If you are an individual interested in volunteering  please visit our Volunteer with us section.


Media Matching - free professional support

Media Matching SupportersIf you're looking for help to make your organisation communicate more effectively, use our online Media Matching service to place a request for help from one of our media volunteers. 
With  hundreds of media professionals signed up you can get valuable advice and support on a wide range of media and communications services including PR, marketing, film, social media, branding and design.  

Please be specific when putting a request on the site, if possible give timelines and goals for the project. Our volunteers cannot fulfil job roles, but they can provide fantastic support.

Tell us more about the help you need and sign up now  

We also run networking opportunities called Speedmatching, providing a chance to meet face-to-face with our volunteers and gain on the spot advice. Find out when and where we will be by visiting our Speedmatching page.

Supported by Garfield Weston Foundation and John Ellerman

Youth Mentoring - unlocking young talent

Do you run media projects with young people? Perhaps the young people you work with are producing a film, magazine, radio show, website or photography project.

We recruit industry professionals as volunteer mentors to share practical skills with young people involved in media projects.  Our youth mentoring service is currently available in London, Essex, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Leeds/Bradford.

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Supported by The Jack Petchey Foundation (London and Essex); The Cabinet Office (London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Leeds/Bradford)

If you have any questions about our volunteering services, please call 020 7871 5658 or email volunteering@mediatrust.org